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Rubberette Mac LoversPURCHASE : $19.99

A very explicit fetish fantasy that is definitely 'Not Safe for Work'! Chloe and Axa have just been for a long wet walk in their vintage Rubberette mackintoshes. With the raincoats tightly belted over their latex catsuits and rubber fishing waders, they were determined to stay dry. Naturally, all that rubber has made them wet in other ways and within seconds of arriving home they are kissing, unzipping and licking each other to squeaky, creaky rubber orgasms. There's a lot to be said in favour of a wet climate!

Rainfair CyclingPURCHASE : $14.99

The slavegirl sits in her cage wearing her rubber catsuit, inflated latex hood and handcuffs. She knows the keys will soon be thrown to her and she knows what to do next. After unlocking her cuffs and prison she stumbles around the bedroom and finds her yellow wellies. She feels for her heavy Rainfair mackintosh and secures it around herself. Finally she climbs on to her exercise bike and begins the long ride ordered by her Master. Hot, wet and exhausted she returns to her cage. According to instructions.

Lesbian SBRPURCHASE : $19.99

A very explicit rainwear video that leaves nothing to the imagination! Axa and Olga are expecting rain so have dressed up in their shiny SBR mackintoshes, sou'westers, latex gloves and rubber boots before setting out on their walk. As they have forgotten to wear anything else under their rubber layers, wicked thoughts soon start to bubble up. Before long, macs are being unbuttoned, nipples are being sucked and pussies are being explored with rubber fingers or stroked with shiny black rubber! It's HOT!


Stand to attention boys! It's no surprise Ariel and Zoe know exactly what you're thinking - and doing - as you watch them sitting there in their latex catsuits, shiny boots and lovely thick SBR macs. It turns them on to imagine your growing excitement as they talk to you through the camera lens and screen, teasing you without mercy as they cuddle and squeak in their rubberwear. With every word and gesture they suck the last drops of resistance out of you. Come on lads, show them what you're made of!

It's always fun to go for a wet and rainy walk in your heavy SBR mackintosh and Acquo boots, but how much more exciting to get down and dirty with your girlfriend on the lounge floor! Enjoy the loud squeaks and rustles as Axa and Jess take the second option and spend the afternoon squirming, kissing and fondling on the carpet. As both girls are naked under their rainwear it does not take long for shiny gloved fingers and eager lips to disappear under the rubber folds as the giggles and gasps get louder.

SBR Mack SnoggingPURCHASE : $19.99

Susie, Sabina and Franka don't just enjoy wearing their shiny black rubber mackintoshes and rubber boots, they get pretty excited about seeing each other dressed like that as well. In fact, when the girls interrupt their walk for a rest on a garden bench, their arousal begins to boil over and a passionate snogging session begins! The sound of exploring tongues mixes with the swish of SBR and the squeak of wellies and waders as the ladies entwine themselves in a booted, belted and buckled up heap!