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Rippling MackintoshesPURCHASE : $19.99

Lovely Caroline Pierce welcomes her favourite customer Susie to her home-based Rubber Mackintosh Emporium! Susie is in the mood to top up her shiny rainwear collection and Caroline has a good selection to show her. She is ready to act as a mannequin too! Enjoy fifteen minutes of crackling, rippling raincoat dressing action as these two gorgeous girls buckle and belt their raincoats into place over their rubber suits, corsets and high-heels boots. A treat for the connoisseur!

Mack Boots and GlovesPURCHASE : $19.99

She wakes up to a dreary, rainy morning. It's a perfect day for wearing rubber but way too cold to venture out. What is a girl to do? Stay in bed in rubber, of course! First she pulls shoulder length latex gloves over her long, slender arms. Next, her shiny fingers smooth long boots up her calves and thighs. Finally, her lovely new mackintosh is buckled and belted around her naked flesh. The ritual is proving too much and she sinks back on to the bed, her vibrator humming between her legs. Bliss!

Klepper RaintimePURCHASE : $14.99

It only takes the chance of a shower to make these two ladies take their vintage Klepper mackintoshes and Hunter waders out of the wardrobe. Hand in hand they walk, hoping that their prayers for rain will be answered. Sure enough, they are soon drenched by a summer storm and droplets splatter on their coats and boots. They start to kiss and cuddle and discover that neither has worn anything under their rubber. Is it the cold water or warm hands that make them shudder and gasp?

Bex Cape BondagePURCHASE : $19.99

It is never a good idea to flirt with your best friend's lover! Bex is guilty as charged and Penny is in a mood to dish out some punishment. Seeing Bex's vulnerability in her heavy SBR cape, she quickly turns it into a shiny straitjacket using a tightly buckled belt. Once her victim is over her knee, it is easy to reveal her shiny rubber bottom which makes a tempting target. Squirming and kicking her waders, Bex is powerless and can only moan inside her helmet as Penny enjoys her revenge... as do we!

Lesbian SBRPURCHASE : $19.99

A very explicit rainwear video that leaves nothing to the imagination! Axa and Olga are expecting rain so have dressed up in their shiny SBR mackintoshes, sou'westers, latex gloves and rubber boots before setting out on their walk. As they have forgotten to wear anything else under their rubber layers, wicked thoughts soon start to bubble up. Before long, macs are being unbuttoned, nipples are being sucked and pussies are being explored with rubber fingers or stroked with shiny black rubber! It's HOT!

SBR Mack SnoggingPURCHASE : $19.99

Susie, Sabina and Franka don't just enjoy wearing their shiny black rubber mackintoshes and rubber boots, they get pretty excited about seeing each other dressed like that as well. In fact, when the girls interrupt their walk for a rest on a garden bench, their arousal begins to boil over and a passionate snogging session begins! The sound of exploring tongues mixes with the swish of SBR and the squeak of wellies and waders as the ladies entwine themselves in a booted, belted and buckled up heap!

Rubberette Mac LoversPURCHASE : $19.99

A very explicit fetish fantasy that is definitely 'Not Safe for Work'! Chloe and Axa have just been for a long wet walk in their vintage Rubberette mackintoshes. With the raincoats tightly belted over their latex catsuits and rubber fishing waders, they were determined to stay dry. Naturally, all that rubber has made them wet in other ways and within seconds of arriving home they are kissing, unzipping and licking each other to squeaky, creaky rubber orgasms. There's a lot to be said in favour of a wet climate!


Stand to attention boys! It's no surprise Ariel and Zoe know exactly what you're thinking - and doing - as you watch them sitting there in their latex catsuits, shiny boots and lovely thick SBR macs. It turns them on to imagine your growing excitement as they talk to you through the camera lens and screen, teasing you without mercy as they cuddle and squeak in their rubberwear. With every word and gesture they suck the last drops of resistance out of you. Come on lads, show them what you're made of!